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Ambo mineral water needless to say is naturally healing Water rich with a variety of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron etc. We have more than 77 years of services to our nation in making this curative carbonated and refreshing mineral water.

            Ambo Mineral Water Factory is one of the few modern state owned beverage factories in Ethiopia that has reached its diamond jubilee. This makes it not only the pioneer mineral water factory but also time tasted, enduring and unbeatable, hence the factory popularity has been enhanced in the mean time.  From all local beverage market, Ambo Mineral Water has 85% share which reflect its leading role in the local beverage market.

We do not advertise Ambo mineral water but we advise you to refresh your self with the finest mineral water as it can be realized from its ever growing popularity not only at home but also abroad. Ambo mineral water has the most successful brand name in Ethiopia and in the international market. Hence, Ambo mineral water has managed to carve up its own niche with quality that has proved irreplaceable in countries such as the Middle East, North America, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Djibouti and the like.

       The secret of its success is not so secret after all:

             Ambo natural mineral water is a natural mineral water that is born from a unique climate and natural environment. This is what makes it the most refreshing spring mineral water that tastes and feels new every time when you drink it. 

The taste of Ambo is, therefore, in its drinking and quenching all those who have tasted and liked it. So you will not be exceptional.




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