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  Dear Valued Customer,

EthioMarket is continually committed to provide the best service in its portal to promote the Ethiopian market.  We understand clearly that accurate information is vital for fostering new business relationship.  It has come to our attention that a large number of international businesses have continually asked us the accuracy of the profile that we have created for some of our customers. 

Therefore we have decided to introduce this new program to stand by all our registered customers that qualify to receive our Trust Seal logo.  This does not mean that those companies that don't have a Trust Seal logo have not qualified in our process of evaluation for this program.  We can only qualify those companies that are EthioMarket's fully registered customers.  There are many companies on our directory that qualified for our Trust Seal program, but they are not registered with EthioMarket and we can't include them in our program unwilling.  So we encourage you to contact all companies of your interest and wish you a successful business transaction.

All registered EthioMarket's customer are processed directly by our staff.  The information they provide to be included on their profile is verified by our staff on site.  Our staff visit's each customer that registers with EthioMarket and evaluates them for qualification in the Trust Seal program.  Customer's profile are updated yearly to assure accuracy and reflect current business activities of our customers.  The Trust Seal program is also reviewed yearly for all registered customers.

EthioMarket also has registered customers that don't have a profile on the portal, but have qualified for the program and a Trust Seal has been issued for them.   These companies have a long standing in the market and we recommend that you request their profile electronically to see if they meet your business requirement.

We would like to clarify that this program is only intended for Ethiopian companies listed in our business directory.  The market information section on EthioMarket portal that includes various Ethiopian government agencies information are directly obtain from these agencies.  All Ethiopian government agencies listed on EthioMarket portal are official partner of EthioMarket. 

Once again we would like to encourage all our customers to have full confidence to contact all Ethiopian companies and initiate a long lasting business relationship. 

If you have any comments about this program or question of the accuracy of information provided on our customer's profile.  Please complete the form below with your comment and we will respond to you as soon as possible.



EthioMarket Team


EthioMarket and its partners bears no legal responsibility of any kind for business transactions conducted between the companies listed on its directory or the above said program and their customers.


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