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The mission of the Enterprise is to coordinate its resources in producing & processing best quality and quantity of both washed and unwashed coffee with a minimum production cost, producing corn and other side line products, selling them in the domestic and export market so as to increases its sales revenue, creating employment opportunity, enhancing its contribution in foreign currency earnings of the country, become competent in the market, and ensure its profitability and playing a role of transferring technology for the farmers and other growers in the vicinity of the farms in the Enterprise.


Producing, processing and delivering large volume of coffee with best quality and other side line products to the market and stand first among the rivals engaged in the sector via increasing its market share sustainability and play an important role being a model in transferring technologies for the beneficiaries in the vicinity.


1. To produce coffee, fruits vegetables
    and cereal crops,

2. To manage Bebeka, Teppi, Gomma
    1, Gomma 2, Kossa, Suntu, Gummer,
    Coffee plantations as well as
    Cheleleki and Gojeb cereal (corn)
    farms and

3. To be engaged in any other related
    activities aimed at achieving its


CPDE is certified for production of Organic and Utz Kapeh by third party certifying body starting from 2005/2006 crop year. BCS Oko Guarantee GMBH and IMO Institute for market ecology are the two certifying bodies doing with CPDE.

Quality Control System

CPDE has structured quality assurance system and net work for practicing code of conduct and procedures in implementing Good agricultural practices processing and storage at plantation level and fulfill customers demand and national Quality standard before export.


Besides, CPDE also produce spices such as cardamom and Black pepper, fruits such as pineapple and avocado, as well as Natural rubber sheets palm oil and honey, as side line business.

Export Experience

CPDE export coffee to all parts of the world Among which the leading countries, are EU, far East Asia, Australia, USA, and countries and companies buying coffee from CPDE is increasing every year and still working hard and professionally to increase export volume by maintaining production of high quality coffee of Ethiopian origin known variety and traceable farms with reputable good taste & flavor that satisfies our customers.



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