The converter

The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation is planning to make changes to existing
telephone numbers as of September 17, 2005. This is a web application to convert the
"old" telephone or
Fax numbers with the "new" one,  according to the planned changes
undertaken by the Corporation. The application is called ET-TelConvert-98, short for
"Ethiopian Telephone Converter 1998".  It can be used either on a desktop or from a web
server. The converter program is developed in HTML and JavaScript. You may have to
permit JavaScript to be executed in your browser. These components do not contain
malicious content.

Three simple steps

No need to memorize special numbers or to search into printed material; just
  1. Select the AREA CODE from the options given
  2. Type the TELEPHONE number you want to convert
  3. Click the "=>Press to Convert<=" button, the result is displayed in the area below.

Error messages


Users from outside Ethiopia

Regarding dialing numbers from abroad to Ethiopia, assuming
you used to dial the following number to Addis previously,

where XXX is country specific code for international call, and 251
is for Ethiopia, "1" represented the area code for Addis Ababa

The new number would be

Note the change in the area code ("11") and also the new 7 digits
telephone number.



Bedilu Habte (Dr.-Ing)
September 2005